About Me

Sebastian Mate

Dr. Sebastian Mate

Thank you for your interest in my person! Please allow me to briefly introduce myself:

The Computer Scientist

I studied computer science at FAU, majoring in hardware-software co-design and minoring in medical informatics.

Afterward, I pursued a career in medical informatics. I am currently working in national and international research projects, primarily as a software developer and data engineer. My main responsibilities involve unlocking medical data which are generated in daily medical care and providing these to federated medical research. This federation is achieved through the use of suitable IT infrastructures, while ensuring strict compliance with data protection regulations.

The Researcher

I enjoy my work due to its close connection to research. I have a particular interest in technologies for representing medical content (ontologies, Semantic Web, FHIR), databases, (temporal) querying techniques, and medical research systems, such as i2b2, OHDSI/OMOP, and DataSHIELD. This interest has led me to complete a doctorate (Dr. rer. biol. hum.) in the field of medical informatics. Feel free to learn more about my research here.

The Tinkerer

Already as a kid, I enjoyed dismantling and “modifying” electronic devices instead of using them as intended by the manufacturer. I learned a lot from it and — thankfully — survived. 🙂 Even today, as a balance to my screen-heavy job, I love to pick up tools. I engage in activities such as restoring older high-quality audio equipment or electronic musical instruments. Additionally, I like to do projects with my 3D printer or the mini CNC machine.

If you would like to contact me, please visit the page: Impressum / Legal Notice